You will find that the hourly rate is much lower than most other companies and my hours are very flexible. Day or night, early or late, schedule an appointment and you will see me there at your service.*
Many places make even more profit by reselling you product with a huge markup.  Replacement parts are never marked up, Repair Geek will pick up your part and install it at your home at no additional cost.
Computers for Sale
Offering for sale a selection of used and refurbished computer systems at very reasonable prices. All systems come with a 3 month warranty and onsite installation.
Repair Geek
5427 Johnson Drive
Suite 177
Mission, KS  66205

Your computer is down and you want it working today!
Repair Geek can help right now by fixing your computer in the comfort of your home, no need to disassemble, pack it in the car and drive to one of those overpriced big box retail shops and be treated like a number.
Offering in home onsite or pick up and drop off computer repair service for the greater Kansas City area. Let us know when you need help and we will come right over and fix whatever trouble your computer is having.
Got a virus, no problem. System won't start, let me figure out the reason and your PC will the best health we can achieve.
Need training on how to use your computer, access the internet, use email or even your cell phone?  Repair Geek offers one-on-one and group training on a variety of topics.  Getting a new computer with Windows 8?  Let us show you how things operate and get you comfortable with Microsoft's newest offering.
Greater Kansas City Area
Repair Geek is happy to offer onsite service for the Greater Kansas City area at no extra charge.*
Call now!
Contact Repair Geek today! Call, email or text today to schedule an appointment for same day service.  Get your computer up and running without delay.
All Your Computer Needs in the Comfort of Your Home.... or Business!
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